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Application: Paints for industry.

Application: Pool paints.

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Impregnating primer resistant to chemicals

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The product is intended for impregnation (priming) of absorbent and porous substrates (concrete, plaster, etc.) before painting with topcoats. For use: - in combination with WODNIK paint for surface protection of concrete water tanks, - in swimming pools, ponds, etc. in combination with chlorinated rubber paints and enamels resistant chemical agents as protection for concrete and reinforced concrete structures exposed to chemically aggressive atmosphere, - surfaces operated in electroplating plants, sewage treatment plants, etc. as protection of external layers of concrete and plaster against moisture and destructive effects of industrial atmosphere.

Opakowanie: 5L, 10L Czas wysychania: (1°) - max 3 godziny

W temperaturze 20±2°2C i wilgotności powietrza 55±5%

Wydajność: (40µ) - 11 m²/dm³


The coating is: - smooth, - transparent, - glossy, - well adhesive, - resistant to aqueous, acidic and alkaline environments, - reduces the surface absorbability of concrete, - strengthens old, brittle mineral substrates, - improves adhesion of topcoats to the substrate and reduces their wear.

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