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Application: Paints for industry.

Application: Floor paints.

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eko-FARPOS water-based paint for concrete floors

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Intended for painting concrete floors, terraces, foundations, windowsills, concrete fences, cobblestone, paved sidewalks, garden statues, wooden floors and plaster surfaces. EKO-FARPOS can be used: - inside residential and public utility premises, as well as food industry and storage facilities, - industrial halls, warehouses, garages. EKO-FARPOS can also be used for painting stone, clinker, brick, gypsum and metal after first applying an appropriate primer, taking into consideration the specific properties of the substrate. THE PAINT COATING FEATURES ANTI-SLIP PROPERTIES. It fulfils the requirements of class R12 under DIN 51130 (for industrial facilities) as well as the requirements of DIN V 18032-2 (for sports facilities).

Opakowanie: 5L, 10L Czas wysychania: (1°) - max 3 godziny

W temperaturze 20±2°2C i wilgotności powietrza 55±5%

Wydajność: (40µ) - 11 m²/dm³


The coating is: - smooth, matt, - well adhesive to the surface, - hard, - quick-drying, - resistant to abrasion, moisture, aqueous solutions of detergents such as floor cleaning agents, lubricants, oils (machine, heating, transformer oil), - resistant to mildly acidic or alkaline environment.

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