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Application: Paints for industry.

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TIXOKOR-G2 thixotropic polyvinyl anticorrosive priming paint

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Thick-ply polyvinyl paint for priming steel and cast iron substrates as anti-corrosion protection of machines, equipment, structures in general and industrial construction, power engineering structures, poles, street lanterns, railings, fences, storage tanks, etc. TIXOKOR-G2 is a thixotropic product and shows no dripping from vertical surfaces for wet coatings up to 250 µm thick. TIXOKOR-G2 paint is recommended for use in combination with appropriate products manufactured by POLIFARB-ŁÓDŹ Sp. z o.o. TIXOKOR-G2 can be used in industrial, coastal, urban and rural environments, in a dry and humid atmosphere.

Opakowanie: 5L, 10L Czas wysychania: (1°) - max 3 godziny

W temperaturze 20±2°2C i wilgotności powietrza 55±5%

Wydajność: (40µ) - 11 m²/dm³


The coating is: - smooth, - matt, - opaque, - well adhesive, - quick-drying, - resistant to temperatures between -20ºC and +60ºC (short term up to +80ºC).