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Application: Paints for industry.

Application: Pool paints.

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WODNIK chlorinated-rubber paint for water pools

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Intended for topcoat painting of: - concrete swimming pools and new garden ponds as well as for renovation of operating swimming pools, previously painted with WODNIK paint, - metal components of swimming pool accessories after their proper priming. The paint can be used to paint surfaces flooded with water as well as surfaces on the waterfront and around swimming pools. WODNIK paint can be used with no other paint or in combination with other appropriate chlorinated rubber products, manufactured by POLIFARB-Łódź Sp. z o.o.

Opakowanie: 5L, 10L Czas wysychania: (1°) - max 3 godziny

W temperaturze 20±2°2C i wilgotności powietrza 55±5%

Wydajność: (40µ) - 11 m²/dm³


The coating is: - smooth, - semi-matt, - well covering, - well adhesive to the substrate, - increases resistance of the concrete structure of swimming pool to the corrosive effects of water and weather conditions, - reduces the surface absorptivity of concrete, - helps maintain swimming pool surface free from contamination (facilitates rinsing out dirt with water), - gives an aesthetic appearance, - thermoplastic, - quick-drying.

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